About Me

Born and raised in Brooklyn New York, it was a month long clay workshop in Greenwich Village when I was sixteen that began my long journey into the world of ceramics.

In the late seventies I studied and apprenticed under Barbara Clark at the Cascabel Clay works outside of Benson Arizona. Not long after completing my apprenticeship I made my way to the small town of Patagonia Arizona. I would establish my own studio Shooting Star Pottery in 1982, and ever since I have been producing functional pottery for the home, as well as art pieces for the home and yard.

Patagonia is my place, and being a potter is my life. What a lucky and blessed life I live to have clay as my life’s work and to be able to share it with my family, friends and the world.

I also teach classes at the Patagonia Creative Arts Center, if you have any questions please E-mail me.

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